Material: embroidery on canvas

Dimension: approx 200x200 cm

Date:   2008-2010

Support by:  Italian Institute of Culture, movin'UP, Pollock Krasner Foundation


Series of 8 maps embroidered on canvas with the same technique of the propaganda slogans realized on large fabric and used by the communist party during the seventies, which have been lately filled with white thread wool insertions. The 8 maps depict different Hutong areas in downtown Beijing, with a size of approximately one square kilometer each and a population of 30000; these areas have been isolated as autonomous towns within the big city. Since 2009 the carpets have been shown to the Hutong dwellers trough street public temporary events, hanging them up on ropes, wires and threads commonly used by local Beijing residents for their clothes to dry.


本系列含8 个帆布刺绣地图,它们使用了上世纪70年代在大幅政治宣传标语所经常使用的刺绣方法,并在上面添加了白色羊毛线头。这8 张地图分别描绘了北京市里的不同胡同社区,每个社区大约覆盖一千平方米面积,人口约30000。这些社区被巨大的城市分割成孤立的自治小镇。自2009 年起,这些作品曾在街头临时公共活动中展示给胡同居民,像本地人晾衣服那样挂在绳子上展示。

Instant Hutong