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Collective performance, 2010

集体行为表演, 2010


The performance is a reflection on the behavior of people in a situation of forced density, much like rapidly developing cities like Beijing. This happened in the Hutongs throughout the city, which people subdivided and moved into, than subdivided again. But you can experience a temporary feeling of forced density in different situations such a crowded elevator, a waiting line in the post office, a subway train or a bus in the rush hours. In all these cases it will be much remarkable here in China than everywhere else. We want to explore this concept through this experiment of trying to reach load capacity of one house in a typical courtyard of Beijing. Participants will walk up to the door of the house one by one, moving in whatever way they wish, open the door, step inside and close the door. This will continue until either the room is full, or everyone is inside.





Instant Hutong