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Project by:  RAMOPRIMO, Instant Hutong

Designers:  Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani

Collaborator:  Yang Que

Date:   9.23-10.7

Venue:   No.8 Tiaozhou Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing

Organizer:  BJDW 2015 - Dashilar Platform – Dashilar PILOT

Support by:  Italian Institute of Culture



 The installation shows the results of a research on local materials. Common construction materials have been selected and recombined to create a collection of different construction patterns.


The idea moves from the previous architectural works by Ramoprimo practice and from the street explorations of Instant Hutong, such as the “Theory of Moments” project ("矩理论") on which local materials and objects found in dilapidated courtyard houses in Beijing have been recombined and reassembled to create temporary public spaces.


Combining different types of materials, glass, wood, bricks, metal, mirror, plastic, the designers aim to set an open interactive workshop in the form of a large study platform to explore configurations and possibilities: a catalogue to inspire and suggest combinations and solutions to be used as a reference tool for future construction purposes in the neighborhood.




这个理念来自于RAMOPRIMO(头条计画)以往的建筑项目的实践,以及Instant Hutong (速溶胡同)对于胡同街道的探索,如“矩理论”项目中,从北京破旧的四合院找来的材料被重组并用以创建临时的公共空间。



Instant Hutong