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2013   Theory of Moments – PicNic Area

           Xian Yu Kou District, Beijing

2013   Theory of Moments – Double Happiness

           Xian Yu Kou District, Beijing

2013   White Night - Beijing Baiye

           Dongsi area, DongCheng, Beijing

2012   Theory of Moments

           around Xian Yu Kou District, Beijing

2011   Shufuland

           2Kolegas, Chaoyang District, Beijing

2011   Blinking City Stencil

           around Xian Yu Kou District, Beijing

2010/2011 Cun

           rural happenings, Hebei province villages, China

2010   Paglioni

           performance and installation,

           Hebei province countryside, China

2010   Load Capacity

           Instant Hutong Studio, collective performance,

           Beijing, China

2009   Welcome back bricks!

           Xiao Jing Chang Hutong, Beijing,China

2009   Carpet Surprise

           Dongsi District, Chayangmennei Dajie,

           Fuchengmen and Sanbulao areas, Beijing, China





2011    Celeste Prize, finalists

            NewYork, USA

2010    Pollock-Krasner Grant

            New York, USA

2009    Movin’Up 2009

            Turin, Italy

2005    ArchiprixInternational 2005, Hunter Douglas Award

            Glasgow, Scotland





2015   Hutong Materials Catalogue ( 胡同建筑物材目录)

           Beijing Design Week – Design Hop, Dashilar Pilot , Beijing

2015   DOUBLE HAPPINESS ( 双喜:城市公共服务系统) ,

           Pilot Project for BJDW

           Beijing Design Week – Design Hop, Dashilar Pilot, Beijing

2015   Reverse the Perspective,

           group exhibition of foreign artists in China

           Xiangsi Art Museum, Tianjin

2015   Reverse the Perspective,

           group exhibition of foreign artists in China

           MEBO space art gallery, Beijing

2015   180 Canvases for Lane Crawford

            LC’s stores in Beijing, Shanghai,

            Chengdu and Hong Kong

2014   Across Chinese Cities – BEIJING at Venice Biennale

2014   180 Canvases - 180 个画面

           Arrow Factory Art Space, Beijing

2013   QiYunZhongGuo Exhibition

           Kunming, China

2013   CREATIVE©ITIES Project :

           Mapping creativity in Asia-Pacific's cities”

           Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2013   Discoveries

           Art 家, Dong Hu Bie Shu, Beijing

2012   BLINKING CITY at CCD The Community,

           BJDW - Beijing Design Week 2012,

           Cao Chang Di Village, Beijing

2012   Switch On  Festival,

           Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

2012   Switch On  Festival,

           DiTan Park, Beijing, China

2012   Microurbanism Interactions

           Landgent Center Tower A, Beijing, China

2012   Mass Metamorphosis

           LDDC - Liang Dian Design Center, Beijing, China

2011   Celeste Prize Exhibition

           The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, New York

2011   Opening Exhibition at Grace Beijing

           Grace Beijing Art Hotel, Art Zone 798, Beijing, China

2011   Shared Space - Spazi Comuni inside the exhibition

           “Italia Comes to You”

           B06- 797, no.2 Jiu Xianqiao Rd, Art Zone 798, Beijing, China

2011    The 54th InternationalArt Exhibition of Venice Biennale

            Italian Pavilion in the World, Arsenale, Venice, Italy

2011    Shared Space - Spazi Comuni

            Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Beijing,China

2011    WOYOU – Beijing&Shanghai - TRAVELOGUES IN DESIGN

            Salone Internazionale del mobile, Milano, Italy

2009    Urban Carpet

            Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Beijing,China

2009    Urban Carpet 8x5

            5 courtyard houses, Beijing, China

2009    Quotidiana 09

            Palazzo Trevisan, Padova, Italy

2009    Beijing Map Games: Arte e Architettura a Pechino

            CAOS – Centre for Contemporary Art Opificio Siri,

            Terni, Italy

2008    Beijing Map Games: Contemporary Art & Architecture

            in Beijing

            Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, UK

2008    Map Games: Dynamics Of Change

            Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2007    Instant Hutong,

            China Millennium Monument, Blue RockSpace,

            Beijing, China

2005    Archiprix 2005 Exhibition,

           The Lighthouse -

           Scotland’s Centre for Architecture Design and the City,

           Glasgow, Scotland




Instant Hutong