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Project by:  RAMOPRIMO, Instant Hutong

Designers:  Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani

Collaborator:  Yang Que

Date:   9.23-10.7

Venue:   No.8 Tiaozhou Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing

Organizer:  BJDW 2015 - Dashilar Platform – Dashilar PILOT

Support by:  Italian Institute of Culture


One of the most remarkable aspects emerging from observing spontaneous and uncontrolled self-construction in the Hutongs is about the unlimited possibilities, solutions, creative usage of spaces and life-style opportunities that these changes are introducing and adding to the original houses extending the home space on the street and occupying the public domain with private uses that cannot find space inside.


DOUBLE HAPPINESS project is an urban vision exploring these trends by reorganizing new public functions that cannot find space at home. It aims to improve social density, diversity and quality of lifestyles and to amplify the variety of imaginable ways to enjoy life in the neighbourhood.


The project proposes a widespread system of attractive hubs dotting the entire district with new public services. These can vary from the more usual urban camping, pigeon raising or gardening, to more community oriented uses like public stages for theatre and performances, art ateliers, playgrounds and swimming pools, platforms for playing badminton or skating, telescope stations for watching stars and temporary markets.


DOUBLE HAPPINESS is also intended as an incubator for opportunities, an imaginative primer for doable visions. While solving basic needs of improved living standards, it will mainly focus on enjoyable aspects of life addressing new cultural, social and psychological needs and providing a diffuse set of joyful solutions to shape a vibrant and creative community. No limit to imagination; creative use of the public space; creation of a roofscape with micro landmarks recognizable by their strong public character, are the main issues of the proposal.


 The project has been specifically designed in the framework of the Dashilar district's Pilot Project program and may be developed after Beijing Design Week 2015. According to the guidelines of the program, the goal of the project in this phase is to collect local residents feedbacks and start a discussion with neighbours.


 DOUBLE HAPPINESS is an urban vision proposing a widespread system of public services and facilities for Dashilar district in Beijing. The strategy consists in a double system working on both the inside and the outside of the existing houses, on the ground-level of the courtyards and the upper level of the roofs.

Instant Hutong